Image Size Guide

Below is a guide to the image specs for each section of the website.
The values are in pixels (Width x Height) and all images should be 72dpi saved as jpegs (.jpg)
Unless the height is specified most of the images can have a height relative to the width to keep the aspect ratio of the original image.

Wordpress feature image (the photo)
– 136 x 205

– Max width of 680 x  height relative
(Note: the first image in the news post is used on the homepage and archive reference)

Wordpress feature image:
– 210 x  relative height

Main images:
– Max width of 680 x  height relative
(Note: the actual appearance size on the page is controlled by an option in the CMS)

Any reference to a project will use the feature image from the project page

These images dynamically tile. Simply create an image to the size you want.
For consistency you could keep the height fixed to 190