Building the Tower of Love

Craning the CLT structure into place on site
[1] Craning the CLT structure into place on site

Having just completed the MK40 tower to test that a CLT core was possible, we took the idea further with the Tower of Love. The tower is a vertical cantilever, assembled on the ground and craned into position as a single box, containing the lift core and landings. The contractor had never worked in CLT before and was delighted at how fast and simple it was. During construction, there were plenty of naysayers in the town who couldn’t imagine what the finished building would be like. But when completed, it was extremely popular and there were queues to book wedding ceremonies – although naturally it was two dRMMers who tied the knot there first.

Tower of Love became such a special project for me that when my husband and I got married, we knew there could be no other venue for the wedding ceremony. We were extra-honoured that David Hill, the superintendent registrar with whom we built an amazing rapport during the project, came out of retirement to preside over the ceremony.
Saskia Lencer
Saskia Lencer