dRMM committed to Architect Declare Initiative

dRMM committed to Architect Declare Initiative

dRMM committed to Architect Declare Initiative

dRMM, along with 16 other winners of the RIBA Stirling Prize winners, has signed an open letter declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency, making a commitment to positive action in response and inviting all UK architectural practices to add their names.

Climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most critical issues of our time, and if we are to meet the needs of our society without destroying our environment we need to design buildings, cities and infrastructures that are regenerating and self-sustaining.

Prof. Sadie Morgan said “As architects we are able to shape the built environment through the buildings and infrastructure we design and the places we create.

As pioneers in the use and development of engineered timber dRMM has always advocated low carbon materials, the re-use of materials and utilising new technologies to mitigate some of the climate issues we are facing.  However, materials alone are not enough, we all need to commit to the use of regenerative design principles which look beyond the current zero carbon goals.

We have a responsibility to lead the industry in finding solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis we are facing and drive real change in our environment, and we urge everyone within the construction industry and across Government to support this initiative.”

As founding members of the initiative we will seek to:

  • Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action amongst our clients and supply chains.

  • Advocate for faster change in our industry towards regenerative design practices and a higher Governmental funding priority to support this.

  • Establish climate and biodiversity mitigation principles as the key measure of our industry’s success: demonstrated through awards, prizes and listings.

  • Share knowledge and research to that end on an open source basis.

  • Evaluate all new projects against the aspiration to contribute positively to mitigating climate breakdown, and encourage our clients to adopt this approach.

  • Upgrade existing buildings for extended use as a more carbon efficient alternative to demolition and new build whenever there is a viable choice.

  • Include life cycle costing, whole life carbon modelling and post occupancy evaluation as part of our basic scope of work, to reduce both embodied and operational resource use.

  • Adopt more regenerative design principles in our studios, with the aim of designing architecture and urbanism that goes beyond the standard of net zero carbon in use.

  • Collaborate with engineers, contractors and clients to further reduce construction waste.

  • Accelerate the shift to low embodied carbon materials in all our work.

  • Minimise wasteful use of resources in architecture and urban planning, both in quantum and in detail.

dRMM is committed to further strengthen our working practices to create architecture and urbanism that has a more positive impact on the world around us.

If you would like to join us in making this commitment visit