dRMM are proud to be part of the design team working on Brent Cross Town.

Sustainability, sport and social lives are at the heart of the £5 billion north London development, brought forward by Argent Related in conjunction with partner Barnet Council.

dRMM are working up designs for a significant plot which forms a transition between the civic and residential quarters. The project consists of 275 apartments (affordable and private tenure), shared residential amenities, gym, garden kitchen and a series of roof terraces.

Argent Related has outlined its overarching vision, which includes measures to ensure Brent Cross Town remains relevant and desirable post-pandemic.

The developer has made four pledges for the future of its Brent Cross Town proposals:

  • To provide the best of traditional and emerging sports, working with leading sports organisations, governing bodies and ‘hero ambassadors’ to help drive female participation and champion diversity and inclusion.
  • To launch a ‘flourishing index’ that will pioneer the measurement of how individuals and communities prosper flourish in a new town centre. The developer is partnering with Manchester University and Buro Happold on the initiative, which focuses on mental health and wellbeing.
  • To become a net-zero carbon town by 2030 by driving down the embodied carbon in buildings and infrastructure as well as the carbon used in energy supply – and offsetting the remainder.
  • To strengthen connections, locally through pedestrian and cycling routes, into Central London through access to the M1, and further afield to the region’s airports.