Publications featuring dRMM

Magazines / Online

Architects’ Journal, ‘Sadie Morgan honoured with AJ100 Contribution to the Professional award‘, 2019

BD Online, ‘Why Sadie Morgan is a role model for us all‘, 2019

BD Online, ‘Sadie Morgan named Female Architectural Leader 2019‘, 2019

Brummell, ‘Team Building: Sadie Morgan’ profile on Sadie Morgan, 2019

Building, ‘How is the CLT industry responding to the combustibles ban?‘ and ‘CLT: One minute briefing‘ with comments from Jonas Lencer, 2019

Building, ‘Great infrastructure requires more than nuts and bolts – it needs vision‘ article by Sadie Morgan, 2018

BD Online, ‘Architects optimistic on timber use after cladding consultation’ with Alex de Rijke, 2018

Building, ‘Communication made simple‘ article by Sadie Morgan, 2018

Building, ‘Better by design‘ article by Sadie Morgan, 2018

Financial Times, ‘Why wood works’ by Alex de Rijke, 2015

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The Fifth Estate, ‘Why we’re entering the plyscraper era’ with Alex de Rijke, 2015

The RIBA Journal, interview with Sadie Morgan, 2015, cover story & pages 56-58

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La Vanguardia, interview with Alex de Rijke, 2015

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New London Quarterly, with ‘Timber!’ essay by Sadie Morgan, 2014

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The Architects’ Journal, with ‘The Architecture of Necessity‘ essay by Sadie Morgan, 2013

Financial Times, FT Ingenuity, with ‘Why Wood Works‘ essay by Alex de Rijke, 2013

Frieze Magazine, ‘Raising Standards‘, practice profile by Stephen Beasley, October 2007


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Featuring Wintringham Primary School

Magazines / Online

Architects’ Journal, ‘Green Light for dRMM timber school‘, June 2019

The Hunts Post, ‘New primary school for St Neots to open next year‘, June 2019

Featuring Forest of Fabrication Exhibition

Magazines / Online


The RIBA Journal, ‘dRMM fights the case for timber towers‘, March 2019

Evening Standard, Homes and Property, ‘London’s Best Design Events‘, February 2019

Architecture Today, ‘Forest of Fabrication’, February 2019

Featuring Faraday House


UrbanNext, Faraday House, 2017

Copper Architecture Forum, Electrifying Nordic Royal, 2017

Featuring Trafalgar Place


Placemaking Resource, ‘Case study: rebuilding an inner London estate’, Trafalgar Place, 2016

E-architect, Trafalgar Place, 2016

Building Magazine, ‘Winners revealed of London’s top plannings gongs’, 2016

Zuschnitt, issue 59, ‘London Holz’, Trafalgar Place, 2015, page 9

Featuring Hastings Pier Redevelopment


The Observer, ‘Is it the end of the pier for Hastings?‘, 2019

ArchDaily, ‘The Unlikely Life Death and Rebirth of the Hastings Pier’, 2018

The Guardian, ‘Hastings Pier reopens following £14.2m restoration project’, 2016

BD online, ‘dRMM Completes Hastings Pier restoration’, 2016

The Guardian, Hastings prepares for reopening, 2016

BD online, ‘Work to start on dRMM’s Hastings Pier’, 2013

The Architects’ Journal, ‘First look at dRMM’s Hastings Pier designs’, 2012

e-architect, Hastings Pier Competition Winner, 2011

The Architects’ Journal, ‘dRMM wins Hastings Pier competition’, 2011

RIBA, dRMM wins Hastings Pier competition, 2011

Featuring Wood Blocks


The Architects’ Journal, ‘10 winning solutions to London’s housing crisis’, 2015

BD Online, ‘Pitman Tozer, dRMM and CZWG triumphs in global housing competition’, 2015

Dezeen, ‘NLA unveils 10 winning designs in ideas competition addressing London’s housing crisis’, 2015

LondonLive, interview with Alex de Rijke on Wood Blocks, 2015


Evening Standard, 15 September 2015, Quay to Modern Living, page 12


BBC Radio, the Robert Elms Show, 20 October 2015, interview with Alex de Rijke and Peter Murray

Featuring Battersea Power Station Phase One RS-1B


Financial Times, FT How to Spend it, ‘Made Near Chelsea’, 2014


Featuring Maggie’s Oldham


The Architects’ Journal, Maggie’s Oldham submitted for planning, 2015

Wallpaper, Maggie’s Oldham submitted for planning, 2015

BauNetz, Maggie’s Oldham submitted for planning, 2015

The Architects’ Journal, Maggie’s Oldham receives planning, 2015

Manchester Evening New, ‘New Maggie’s cancer centre planned for Oldham Royal Hospital’, 2015


Oldham Evening Chronicle, ‘Oasis of calm’, 2015

Featuring Sky Health & Fitness Centre


Architectural Review, ‘Skill: Wood’, 2016

Infrastructure Intelligence, ‘Mapping Sky’s sustainable journey in timber’, 2015

Area Magazine, Sky Health & Fitness Centre, 2015

Featuring WoodBlock House



Featuring Sliding House




Featuring Clapham Manor Primary School




Featuring Rundeskogen


Think Trespa, issue 04, ‘A Sense of Space and Openness’, 2016, pages 8-13

The Architect, January-March issue, ‘The Grid’ by Alex de Rijke, 2015, pages 69-73

ArchDaily, Rundeskogen, 2015

Featuring Comet Street Studio


Featuring King’s Cross ArtHouse


Featuring Endless Stair




Featuring Scale Infinite


Interni, ‘Scale Infinite‘, 2014

Architects Datafile, ‘Endless Stair becomes Scale Infinite‘, 2014

World Architecture Festival, video feature, 2014

Featuring St Albans Academy


The Architects’ Journal, special issue on RIBA National Award Winners, 2013

RIBA Journal, RIBA Products in Practice, in ‘Harsh Lessons on Schools’, 2013

The Guardian, in ‘RIBA Awards 2013’, 2013

Featuring Harper Square


Architecture Today, in ‘Housing’, 2013

Featuring The Future is Here


It’s Nice That, ‘Exhibition: Design Museum nails their look at design and technology’s future‘, 2013

Wallpaper*, ‘‘The future is here’ exhibition at the Design Museum, by dRMM‘, 2013

Frame, ‘The future is here by dRMM‘, 2013

Featuring Athletes’ Village


Ottogano, 2013


The Evening Standard, Homes & Property, 2013

Featuring MK40 Tower


Frieze, ‘Raising standards‘, October 2007

Icon, ‘MK40 Tower‘, October 2007

Architecture Today, September 2007

Telegraph, ‘Why Milton Keynes is a family favourite‘, 6 August 2007


Basics Architecture 02, Construction & Materiality, By Lorraine Farrelly, ava Publishing

Featuring Kingsdale School Transformation


RIBA Journal, December 2006, pages 32-33

Building Design, ‘Class structure‘, 02 July 2004, front page + pages 12-17


The Observer, 11 July 2010, page 4 of news review “Do good buildings produce better educated children

The Telegraph, 02 May 2010, pages 14-17 of seven supplement “Too Cool for School”


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Featuring Kingsdale School Music & Sports


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Featuring Wansey Street


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The Guardian, “My home is going to be demolished” interview with Paolo Lacchini by Ros Anderson, 21 October 2006

Building, issue 37, “Spotlight on Southwark”, 15 September 2006

A+D No. 33, pages 20-25

Featuring Modern Art Oxford – ‘The Yard’ Gallery


Plan, September/October 2010, page 45

Dezeen, ‘Modern Art Oxford extension by dRMM‘, 9 July 2010

The Oxford Times, ‘Little piece of New York in the heart of Oxford‘, 21 June 2010

Building Design, ‘dRMM puts a fresh stamp on Oxford’s exhibition space‘, page 4, 11 June 2010

The Oxford Times, ‘Modern Art Oxford unveils new entrance‘, 13 May 2010


The Oxford Times, (supplement Modern Art Oxford), 17 July 2010, page 5

Featuring Moshi Moshi


Detail 2003, pages 501-506, ISSN: 0011-9571

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Featuring No. one Centaur Street


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a+u (Japan)


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Featuring The Dutch Way


Featuring Off The Shelf


Featuring Dura


Unbuilt Masterworks of the 21st Century: Inspirational architecture for the digital age by Will Jones, Thames & Hudson, London, 2009

Making Minds: What’s wrong with education – and what should we do about it? by Paul Kelley, Routledge, Oxon and New York, 2008

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